Presenters: TheAmy

If you've ever logged into Google Analytics and wondered just exactly you were looking at and what to do with it, this session is for you. We'll break down all that Google Analytics has to offer, how to decide which metrics are right for you, and how to use that information to make decisions to bring the right people to your site. 

In this session, we'll take a closer look at - 

  • Google Analytics and what all the different types of data you can get from it are.
  • Different processes by which you can decide which metrics will help you decide if your website is meeting its goals. We'll take a closer look at vanity metrics, how sometimes the information you're looking for is really a combination of metrics, as well as how to combine analytics sources to give your organization a better view of its success
  • Using these metrics to develop strategies to increase your audience base.
  • How to report this information to stakeholders without overwhelming them with charts and numbers. 
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