Automate Your Accessibility Testing with Probo.CI

Presenters: sk33lz

This session will explore techniques that web development teams and QA teams can use with Probo.CI to automate accessibility testing with some command line tools and APIs available today. While automated accessibility testing is not foolproof, it can quickly identify possible problems that should be resolved before code is deployed to production.

Probo.CI is a Continuous Integration and Continuous Collaboration tool that integrates with GitHub and Bitbucket repositories. Probo was developed originally by Zivtech to automate tests and build a temporary sandbox to preview changes on Drupal websites. It can also be used for running tests against and previewing changes for just about any web based application such as a LAMP based website, or static based site generators like Jekyll. 

Accessibility testing is important for government websites because of 508 Compliance regulations. Probo.CI allows developers to automatically run custom scripts, BEHAT tests, and run other automated testing APIs against their codebase as part of their git development workflow. Probo spins up a sandbox to test each Pull Request of an enabled repository in an isolated container. Each commit pushed to that Pull Request causes the sandbox to be rebuilt from scratch with the latest changes in the PR.

Probo.CI helps teams continue working without common blockers and process bottlenecks. Probo also amplifies feedback from all team members, clients, and stakeholders with an easy to share URL for each Build. Come learn how Probo can transform your team’s workflow and automate at least some of your accessibility testing.

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