CANCELLED: How to Deal with Criticism

Presenters: handels

Everyone will face criticism. No matter what you do. No matter how good you are.

And the more invested you are in your work, the harder it is when someone comes along and criticizes it.

In this talk, I address both the personal and professional aspects of dealing with criticism. We will go over:

  • Why being criticized is so painful

  • How to stop taking negative feedback personally!!!

  • How to handle constructive criticism

  • How to handle not-so-constructive criticism

  • How to handle harsh/malicious/inappropriate criticism

  • Embracing the benefits of criticism (yes, there are some)

This session is appropriate for anyone who feels their blood pressure rise when they get negative feedback from colleagues, peers or clients. If you accept even brutal criticism with calm and grace, please come anyway and tell us your secrets :)

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