Content Everywhere: Or How to Eliminate Redundancy, Lower Upkeep Costs, and Keep Your Sanity

Presenters: jjosephmiller

It's the email every content manager dreads.

"These two web pages aren't consistent. Can we make sure that we're saying the same thing on our website?"

On a really bad day, there are 30 people on the CC field.

Maintaining consistency across a website—especially on big .gov or other publishing-heavy websites—requires considerable time and focus. But it doesn't have to be that way.

What if you could create a particular block of content once, then reuse that block across your entire site? That's the holy grail for content strategists—a true Create Once, Publish Everywhere paradise in which content modules can be remixed into different arrangements, and where a single update immediately propagates across your entire website.

That's the theory. The practice is much harder. True modular content requires a different approach to writing, organizing and displaying content. And it requires different tools for tackling those challenges.

In this session, we will walk through some tips for planning, organizing, producing, and displaying modular content. We will explore existing off-the-shelf products that allow for easy experiments with modular content, examine Microsoft Word alternatives to help authors create modular content, and then see how those tools come together in Drupal to create embeddable "card stacks" that can be reused across a website.

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