Continuous Integration for Acquia Using CircleCI

Presenters: generalredneck

Continuous Integration and Deployment continue to be an interesting challenge moving forward with Drupal 8. Hosting platforms are now providing "kits" to provide some of these services if you are willing to take the plunge and implement them.

So far, Acquia has given you bits and pieces to this puzzle. In this presentation an explanation and example will be shown highlighting a open sourced continuous integration and delivery system designed to work against Acquia using Circle CI and Acquia's Cloud Hooks. 

For reference, Pantheon provides a simular solution using quicksilver and circleci here:

* Introduction
* Requirements
* Before Automated Builds, Come Local Builds
* Circle CI and Artifact Builds
* Acquia and Cloud Hooks
* Tying It All Together
* Questions

For an example see

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