Creating a single face of government across multiple websites and technology stacks

Presenters: bryanhirsch

The team that reinvented is now charged with bringing a data-driven, constituent-centric, “digital first”, approach to all of the state's web properties. Our vision is to stitch together a coherent experience across Massachusetts' diverse constellation of websites and technology stacks. Whether you’re renewing your driver’s license, checking eligibility for food assistance, starting a new business, or visiting a state park, we want your experience to be as seamless as it would be on a banking or e-commerce website. Even if you have to interact with four different government agencies, it should all feel like one government organization with a consistent look and feel. But “single face of government” doesn’t stop at visual design, it also includes a single search interface, a single data catalog, and a consistent developer experience for the state’s RESTful APIs.

It’s a tall mountain to climb. But we’ve had some early successes to build on and we’re optimistic that we’ll get there if we keep putting one foot in front of the other. We’re eager to share our experiences, learn from the Drupal community, and invite other government organizations to collaborate with us.

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