Demystifying SEO For Government Agencies

Presenters: jasonhamrick

Despite what you may have read, SEO is not dead. But it has changed shape over the years. The good news is that maintaining your site’s search engine visibility doesn't have to be “one more thing on your plate.”  While improving SEO can seem overwhelming, especially for government agencies, there are many ways to improve website search rankings as part of the daily editorial activities that you may already be engaged in: items like plain language content creation,  accessibility compliance, and content sharing and syndication.

In this session, we will explore:

  • The basics of Search Engine Optimization
  • Which daily activities will deliver the most SEO improvements for government agencies
  • Why improving website SEO is part and parcel of achieving the public service mission

This session is for all levels of knowledge and all roles, from senior communications staff to junior content managers, as well as developers of all stripes.

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