Developer to Manager: A Survival Guide

Presenters: webbykat

Good work leads to promotions -- and promotions from development to management come with more than increases in responsibility. While they're often awarded based on mastery of one skill set, they require you to learn a whole new one. Plus, the methods you've previously used for learning new skills might fail you -- this learning curve would be a lot easier if you could google "drush commands for management" until you found some results.

During this session, I'll talk about adjusting from life as a developer to life as a manager, including:

  • Transitioning from communicating like a team member to communication like a team leader
  • Understanding key leadership styles and how to use them
  • Giving performance feedback that goes beyond code reviews
  • Giving room to make mistakes (while mitigating the big risks)

This session is targeted toward new managers and developers considering management, presented by a manager who made the leap.

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