Discovery, discovery, discovery, discovery! The most import part of the project

Presenters: mcdwayne

When a project goes wrong, most of the time it fails as a result of mismatched expectations.  This can be avoided in most situations by following a repeatable and thorough discovery process.  Understanding how to ask the right questions, up front, can mean the difference between happy stakeholders and nightmare clients who can never be satisfied.  

Having been in sales and marketing for the last decade and a half, I have lived through amazing project cycles and terrible project cycles.  The biggest difference between the experiences has always come down to one thing, how well we really understood what the client wanted.  This sounds easy but this is one of the most overlooked and hardest to master elements of the entire process.  This session will leave students with not only a desire to do more discovery but also arm them with the tools to practice and perfect their technique.  


This session will focus on:

Asking the right questions

Controlling the conversation

Creating maintainable expectations  

Using discovery throughout your business


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