DIY Drupal 8 for Site Builders

Presenters: bunthorne

“What does a DIY* Site Builder need to know for Drupal 8?”

(*Do It Yourself)

Learn the basics of Composer to manage dependencies.

  • Learn to select production-ready modules.
  • Discover H5P interactive content.
  • Learn the basics of theming without becoming an expert themer.

Drupal 8 can work very well without dedicated developers if you follow a "Keep it Simple" philosophy.

Knowledge and resources you need:

  • ISP/host with SSH access
  • Basic knowledge of command line and Composer
  • Strong knowledge of Drupal model of Content Types, Taxonomies
  • Strong knowledge of Views and Blocks
  • Basic knowledge of Themes


  • Analyze needs/understand requirements: Content, Users, Interactions
  • Model the Relationships
  • Prioritize Requirements: Need Now, Want Next, and Can Wait
  • Find Modules: Stable, useful, well-supported


  • Install with Composer (Prod & Staging/Test on Host)
  • Clone Production to Staging/Test on host; Local dev optional
  • Configure Site with modules
  • Add Theme/Sub-theme
  • Add static content and menu blocks (About, Privacy, etc.)
  • Build Content Types & Taxonomies
  • Build Views and Blocks for interactive content.
  • Test real content with real users.
  • Rinse and repeat.

Feature Demonstration: H5P Interactive Content

  1. HTML5 allows users to interact with content using browser-based functionality. provides open source libraries to serve these content types from the H5P hub, allowing you to create, export, embed, and import this content across websites.

Demo H5P at

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