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​​Drupal 8 + Composer for Absolute Beginners*

Presenters: alison

*Composer Beginners, that is ;-)

​​In this session, you'll learn the basic basics (technical term) of using composer to manage a Drupal 8 site.

There's a steep, painful learning curve for many strong Drupal site builders who start using composer with their Drupal 8 sites.  This session will help you get off the ground, and even avoid some of the worst pain points.

We'll be showing things from an Ubuntu machine, which should be close enough for Mac users, but we won't be doing anything in Windows. #sorrynotsorry

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Previously presented at DrupalCamp PA 2017, Cornell DrupalCamp 2017, and Drupal4Gov Webinar Series.

Aaaand Slides! on Google Slides!  


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