Drupal for Gov - Our experience with ATF.gov


When taking a law enforcement website from one platform to the next, it can seem like a daunting task with various stakeholders at play. These growing pains are what we, the ATF Media Branch, went through to launch the organization’s Drupal version of www.ATF.gov in 2016. This included taking a heuristic view of the former site, using data to improve user engagement, team setbacks as well as getting leadership to buy into the changes we wanted to make. After a rocky start, we put the right team and partners together and haven’t looked back. 

Two years later, we are still adapting the website, on the verge of launching a Spanish version of the site, preparing for a Drupal 8 migration and continuing to enhance various aspects of the website while maintaining web accessibility for our target audience.

During this session, we plan to share lessons learned such as contracting, building citizen engagement and the way ahead. 

Takeaways for our audience:

Our hope is that other government and commercial organizations can leverage what we have learned and pass this knowledge on to others considering this platform.

Topics Covered:

  • History of Drupal & ATF

  • Contracting

  • Infrastructure and Hosting

  • Development Workflow

  • Revamping DMD

  • Tools

  • Drupal; moving forward

  • Law Enforcement Environment

  • Other Considerations:

    • Web Accessibility

    • Citizen Engagement

Presented by:

ATF Media Branch

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