EPA Drupal WebCMS Training Program

Presenters: Jdew01, susanfagan

We have a One EPA Web philosophy at EPA.gov along with 39 web standards. We built the WebCMS to support those requirements. We built a Drupal Training site.  We also offer classes for everyone at the Agency.  We programmed into our system, content review.  If content is not reviewed, it is removed from epa.gov automatically. 

The classes we offer include Tools for Correcting Broken Links, Drupal WebCMS 101, Creating home pages for Resource Directories and Microsites and Basic Pages - Basic training, Dynamic Lists, Events, Forms, Quail and Section 508

We will talk about our version of Drupal and how we've trained a whole lot of people using the WebCMS to create content for www.epa.gov.


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Site Building and Using Drupal