HAX: Creating the best Drupal Authoring Experience, by not creating it for Drupal.

Presenters: btopro

I set out to build the best user Authoring Experience for my Drupal based systems a few years ago. At the same time, I was experimenting with a technology called Polymer and went down a rabbit hole to a magical land called "Front end development" and more specifically the future of all development called web components. But this isn't being listed as an expert talk yet I mentioned front end dev (whaaaa)?

Well, that's because we built it and we've built the ultimate authoring experience for the web. Not Drupal. (whaaaa?) BUT, if Drupal produces and runs on the web (which it does) then, that means we've made the ultimate authoring experience for Drupal (too). I'm talking about a technology we call HAX. HAX is short for Headless Authoring eXperience and it's revolutionizing the way content authors and developers work.

Unlike other WYSIWYG solutions, HAX leverages your design assets in order to let people use them to build the page. Your design assets through a very small bit of code teach HAX how to talk to them. Then, HAX provides all the GUI for management of what is basically an HTML area.

Like other WYSIWYG solutions, HAX is easy to use, easy to integrate and easy to update / maintain from a developer perspective. It's just that it's able to do WAY more then any WYSIWYG you've ever used before. Just like you don't give a ton of training on CKEditor now, HAX is easy enough to use that with a minor amount of training anyone can build out complex, accessible, sustainable, HTML.

HAX writes web components (and regular old HTML) and we've got integrations with Drupal 6, Drupal 7, Drupal 8, BackdropCMS and GravCMS. That means you can do training for content contributors across platforms and have the same killer AX pattern for them to build with.

This session will teach you what HAX is. How to use it. Why it's fundamentally different from other layout / design / editor paradigms. How to get involved and how to extend it.

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