How to use VR and AR to teach, train, and demonstrate impact

Presenters: Todd Nienkerk

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), once the stuff of science fiction, is available for anyone with a smartphone and a bit of folded cardboard. This brings a new physical dimension to the web, and with it, new potentials for immersive storytelling.

The underlying technologies are in place and the high-level tools are maturing. You'll be impressed at the depth and breadth of what you can do with VR/AR in a web browser. We'll go over a bit of the history, and look at the future of VR/AR in the browser. We'll dive into success stories from the world at large and in our own projects and experiments. Finally, we'll show everyone how easy it is to get started creating VR and AR experiences on the web with tools that are available today.

We’ll be talking about:

  • How web-based VR empowers governments, nonprofits, and educators to train, teach, and tell compelling stories
  • An overview of the underlying technologies used to build web-based VR/AR experiences
  • Creative applications of these technologies
  • Existing platforms and devices, and their level of compatibility with web-based VR/AR
  • How anyone with a web browser can get started building VR/AR experiences right away

Please note, this discussion will have some technical details, but no web development or 3D modeling experience is necessary for this session.

This session will be co-presented with a developer and/or UX strategist (TBD). Here are the slides from an earlier version of this talk at DrupalCon Nashville.

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