The Human Side of DevOps: How to Enable More People to Break More Things

Presenter: ClintonAtMobomo

We all know DevOps is about tools, right? Download a few open-source packages, rev up your CI/CD engine and you're off to the races! FINALLY, we can have 100% error-free software deployments every 11 seconds with nary a human being involved!

Except that automation has never been a cure-all for broken processes, and installing Jenkins never fixed a toxic culture. For far too many companies, DevOps has become a buzzword for a set of tools that can be dropped onto a struggling team and result in instant productivity gains. This attitude is actively harmful for everyone involved: developers faced with ever-increasing expectations while navigating irreconcilable demands; clients and end users who aren't seeing promised reductions in errors or more rapid deployments; and managers attempting to maintain trust and avoid broken promises.

Clearly, if it's about anything, DevOps is about people. In this talk we attempt to put the jargon aside and find a definition of DevOps based on two simple questions: How many people in your organization are empowered to break things? And how can that power be given to many, many more of them?

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