Integrating Drupal 8 with Salesforce

Presenters: saratt

Drupal 8 is a powerful CMS, and integrating Salesforce with it—one of the most widely used CRMs in the market—makes it user/member focused, too. Many organizations use Salesforce as their CRM to store member information. By integrating Drupal with Salesforce, members will be able to manage all their information that is stored in Salesforce within Drupal. 

In this hands-on session, we’ll walk through how to create a connected app on Salesforce so that the Drupal site can establish a connection and information can be exchanged between Drupal and Salesforce. We’ll also walk through how to pull information from Salesforce into various fields in the Drupal website and how to push information from Drupal to Salesforce all the while making sure the information is always in sync.

Link to monitor the number or API calls the connected web app is making to Salesforce, https://[your_salesforce_instance_url]/00O?rt=104&retURL=%2F00O&c=UN&c=FULL_NAME&c=EM&c=CID&c=TS&c=CC&duel0=FULL_NAME%2CUN%2CEM&scope=organization&details=yes

Trailhead link referenced in the session above to learn about Salesfroce:

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