Personalization - the good, the bad, the creepy, the GDPR

Presenters: TheAmy, annie stone

Personalization is the new digital experience battleground, but what kind of personalization is most effective and how do you implement it? While adding personalization to your digital assets may seem daunting there are many strategies to phase in personalization and improve citizen experience and engagement on your site.

In this session we will review:

  • The Good - How to choose the right level of personalization and develop a strategy of gradual implementation that allows you to improve engagement on your platform. We'll also look at how to measure the effectiveness of your personalization efforts.


  • The Bad - We want our audience to have the best experience possible and believe that personalization can help give them this. But what if we're off the mark? We'll look at how to determine if your strategy isn't quite giving your users what they're actually looking for and how to turn it around.


  • The Creepy - A recent study found that 75% of consumers find many forms of marketing personalization at least somewhat creepy and 40% of brands admit to being creepy. Yikes. Let's talk about how to fix that.


  • GDPR - If you're not tired of all the emails yet, no discussion on personalization would be complete without a look at what all this means in the world of GDPR. Think it doesn't affect you because you're not operating in the EU? Well... We'll chat about that.



Amy Shropshire, Founder and Principal Consultant at CASK Communications

Annie Stone, Marketing Director at Phase2



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