Site Building Tools, Tips, Modules, and Tricks

Presenter: sfelder

One thing that makes Drupal CMS stand apart from all others is its vast community of users available right at our fingertips on We ask and browse questions, share versatile solutions, or simply high five each other in our quests to make beautiful, functional, and accessible government websites. However, some solutions are quickly found and even more quickly forgotten in our haste to fulfill last minute requests or push out overdue releases. Sometimes, we forget to share these solutions back into our great community. This session will cover some of the tools, tips, modules, and tricks experienced site builders are using every day, but may not exist to those new to Drupal. 

This session is for site builders who might wonder:

  • "Why didn't I know about this module 3 websites ago?"
  • "Isn't there a better way to search and sort all of this content?"
  • "Will this task require custom code?"
  • "Is there a module for that??" 

You'll learn about:

  • Modules that make viewing and using the Drupal admin area easier
  • Simple Drush (Drupal Shell) commands to help you manage your site quickly
  • Tried and true resources that help you learn Drupal at your own pace
  • What other attendees are doing and using during a share and tell segment
  • Other gems that make site building easier 

This session will be geared to those using Drupal 7, but with an emphasis on tools and modules also available in Drupal 8. 

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