Standardize Your Local Development and CI with Lando

Presenter: pirog

Continuous integration methodologies and containerization technology can deliver huge efficiency gains for web development teams. However, even though many teams are overburdened with feature requests, new projects, and other #DevProblems they still still spend countless, often needless hours maintaining complex local development setups, out-of-date CI config files or those deploy scripts your last Lead Engineer thought were a "good idea", turning the promise of automated everything into a sad sad story of endless churn and technical debt. 

In this session we will demonstrate how Lando, a free and open source DevOps tool built on Docker with a vibrant and growing community can simplify your local development and continuous integration requirements with a single in-version-control config file that can be shared across developers and projects, greatly reducing setup and maintenance hours and freeing up developers to develop. 

We will cover:

  • Lando basics
  • Using Lando to set up a basic Drupal project
  • Configuring Lando automation and tests locally
  • Running those same tests in a CI environment
  • Profiting


Who Should Attend:

  • Dev team leaders looking for "a better way"
  • Docker-frustrated developers
  • Biz focused people looking to level up their DevOps efficiency 
  • Fans of Miley Cyrus


What You’ll End Up With:

  • The knowledge that easy and powerful local development and continuous integration tools are available and within your grasp
  • Appreciation that there is now a tool that can unify the local and CI experience
  • Example code of a single config file that can power a good deal of your organizations deploy pipeline
  • A sigh of relief knowing that your DevOps struggles and wrangling days will soon be behind you


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