All Carrot, No Stick

Presenter: gdd

A common pattern in modern web projects is the archipelago—a single organization whose “website” is really a loosely connected cluster of sites on a common platform. Each archipelago’s history is different, but their problems are the same: How do you implement modern content standards across these separate-but-same organizations? How do you bring coherence while accounting for the different needs that produced the islands in the first place?

This session offers tools for diagnosing common “archipelago problems,” and lessons learned from projects in government, education, and enterprise.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to use research to prioritize initiatives and find the sweet spots where stakeholder needs intersect
  • A variety of editorial paradigms that make doing things right the easiest way rather than the hardest
  • Ways to present metrics that motivate staff to write better and simpler content
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