Are We _Really_ Transforming Government? Aligning Values and Measuring Impact


Mission-minded government digital service companies always intend to deliver measurable value with the public sector partners we serve. However, procurements rarely provide quality information on program outcomes and agency metrics for success.

What questions must we ask of the prospective government partners at the outset to know our values align and we will be proud of our work post-launch?

This panel of top Drupal, agile technology and government design firms will share the frameworks and practices they use to evaluate new projects, consider values alignment, ethical considerations, incorporate team feedback, discuss strong dissenting views, and make the hard decisions of choosing when to say no.

Topics to be explored include:

  • Determining values and ethical alignment when evaluating  government agency RFPs

  • Explore process and frameworks for bid/no-bid decisions  (e.g. IMPACT Scorecard)

  • Collect team-wide feedback and considerations on questionable engagements

  • Provide structures for how to measure impact of digital services work

  • Leverage reusable templates for future learning and evaluations



Aaron Pava - Co-Founder & CXO, CivicActions

Delali Dzirasa - Founder & President, Fearless

Arden Klemmer - Director of Product Design, &Partners

Dan Levenson - Chief Strategy Officer, Agile Six

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