Presenters: mayela, nphilippeaux

Two years ago we started our Spanish translation project for One year later, burnt out with no clear path to the finish line, we had to get creative and change our approach. Now we’ve launched 400 web pages of en español, and we want to share our hard-won lessons with you so that your team can avoid our pitfalls.

Key topics:

In this session, we will get into the nitty-gritty details of how to:

  • Ensure your core team has the right roles, skills and responsibilities
  • Create a budget and establish any contracts you need for translation tools and services
  • Set a realistic roadmap with prioritized content and multi-stage launches
  • Configure workflows for content upload, translation, review and download
  • Build and sustain an internal community of native speaker reviewers and subject matter experts
  • Maintain a living glossary, style guide and reference standards

You will walk out of the room with a toolkit of resources, best practices and examples for your upcoming or ongoing site translation project. ¡Buena suerte!

Who should attend:

  • Team leads, project managers, content managers, translators and stakeholders
  • Anyone preparing to start a site translation project or feeling stuck in the middle of one
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