The Big (Government Website) Bang: Drupal and USWDS v2 (Panel Discussion)

Presenters: dboeger

Building modern, accessible, mobile-first government websites is complex. Thankfully, we have Drupal and the new v2 U.S Web Design System.

A panel of Drupal and USWDS experts will discuss the benefits and challenges of working with these two together so that teams can get up and running and turbo-charge your future government website builds.

Join USWDS team members and USWDS Base and USWDS Drupal theme maintainers to learn about implementation best practices, what to be aware of and the roadmap for future development.

Key topics

  • USWDS v2
  • Drupal Theming/Sub-Theming
  • Q&A

Who should attend

  • Designers
  • Developers
Experience Level
Schedule Info
Date / Time
Balcony B
Session Track
Design, UX, and Accessibility