Bridging the Technology Language Barrier - How to Talk to Engineers (and how not to)

Presenter: ClintonAtMobomo

Consider the strange case of homo engineerus in its native environment. It is a solitary creature, communicating in unfamiliar symbols and possessing seemingly inscrutable motivations. If you are a member of the neighbor species homo projectmanagerus, this animal may prove especially difficult to understand. 

"All I did was schedule a 6-hour meeting to discuss the 47 new high-priority bug tickets I opened without detailed reproduction steps... why is my team so upset?!"

Numerous studies show that a leading indicator of successful software development projects (and especially large-scale web applications like Drupal sites) is the quality of communication between management and technical staff. When engineers and pointy-headed bosses are talking past each other, deadlines are missed and temperatures rise.

This talk is about bridging a language gap that can often seem like an impassable gulf. We attempt to get inside the mind of an engineer (please don't mind all the empty Bawls cans), understand what motivates them, and instantiate a vocabulary (that's tech-speak for "come up with words") for working together more effectively.

It'll be so simple, even a project manager could understand!

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