CANCELLED: Debugging on a Shoestring: Making Your Code Work When The Budget - Doesn’t

Presenter: cotterpinx

Having the right tool for the job makes everything easier. But what do you do when your project’s budget doesn’t cover “the right tool” -- or even any tools at all? 

Those among us who have coded websites in Notepad will know this feeling. Thankfully, even when your resources are limited, your options are not. 

In this talk we’ll cover different no-cost tools and techniques that are available to you for debugging Drupal and PHP code, such as:

  • Using open source code editors/IDEs (pros and cons)
    • Visual Studio Code
    • Eclipse
  • The Devel module & its features
  • Standbys like var_dump
  • Reading from and writing to logs
    • Dblog
    • Pimp my log
  • Basic non-code debugging techniques like Rubber Ducking 
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