Commit! Your! Config! -- A Primer

Presenters: alison

A "how-to" session for Drupal 8 site builders who don't know how to use D8 Configuration Management (CMI), and/or don't know how to version-control your site configuration, and/or aren't sure about committing configuration code.

Target audience: people who've done site-building work in Drupal (ideally Drupal 8), and who use version control (git) to manage their codebase.

We'll cover:

  • What is Configuration Management ("CMI")
  • How to use CMI, with and without committing config code
  • Using CMI with Dev > Live
  • Site config in your code
  • (Still not sure?!?!) Why you should Commit! Your! Config!
  • Modules
  • Questions? Lingering concerns?
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Balcony A
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Site Building and Using Drupal