Content and SEO: Better together

Presenters: TheAmy

When it works well, it’s a match made in Heaven. Your website shows up for the right search terms and has quality content that is useful for your audience. But SEO is more than just keywords and content strategy is more than just organizing content around those keywords. Both are multi-faceted and complex in a way that often leaves us wondering how we can best make both work together. And with Google updating its search algorithm around 500 - 600 times a year (Source - Moz) making sure your site’s content keeps up with Google AND your audience’s changing needs is important for keeping your site top in search results.

Designed with content creators in mind, this session will examine:

  • What are on-site SEO elements, what are off-site SEO elements, and how both work together to help your website be seen by the right people.

  • How to identify opportunities for and apply structured data to your website content

  • How to organize content through landing pages/pillar pages/topic clusters

  • How to identify and capitalize on high-ranking but outdated content and make it relevant again.

  • How to connect content strategy and content marketing for maximum impact.

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