Digital Asset Management: There’s No Place like EMERALD

Presenters: N_Andrade

Photos, and videos, and audio files, Oh My!

Finding a central location to store digital assets for an entire enterprise may seem like a long-shot, but we have the solution, and that solution is EMERALD.

EMERALD is a digital asset management system designed to house openly available digital assets and present them on the public-facing government websites and other interconnected resources like mobile applications or intranets.

The Department of Homeland Security is leveraging EMERALD to reduce support costs, deliver on a government requirement for Open Source, migrate to a cloud-based infrastructure, and implement support for scalability in the enterprise quality web application.  

Learn about the vast benefits DHS employees will experience while using EMERALD and we will touch on those most important ones: including, but not limited to:

  • Attractive, easy-to-manage user interface
  • Micro-service image processing and transcoding
  • Architectural accommodation for high traffic and heavy computer load scaling
  • Best-practice security updates
  • Efficient database architecture
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