Employing User Experience to Help End Users—And Yourself

Presenter: karolus

Ultimately, project success comes down to whether the needs of your users are satisfied. Ideally, this is covered in project discovery, and fleshed out in a detailed brief. But often—for any number of reasons—this isn’t the case. I’ll show you methods on how to accomplish this.

In this session, you will learn how to:


  • Conduct user-centered project evaluations, for current and/or future projects
  • Employ prototypes and user testing to quickly evaluate ideas—and uncover insights
  • Use whole team involvement to break silos, and institute a culture of learning and improvement—to boost team (and project) performance by leveraging different areas of expertise
  • Use your discoveries to evolve strategic project thinking to plan your tactical implementations
  • How to use continuous discovery to improve and maintain your projects—even with limited resources

This session is geared toward all experience levels—and fields of expertise. Participants will leave with new methods to improve their projects through the use of user-centered design and testing.

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