git, for users of git

Presenters: alison

Now we're gonna have some INTERMEDIATE FUN!

  • I'll share some of my favorite things to do (cherry-pick, blame, change the author so it looks like my coworker did something I just did)...
  • Wait, what's a tag? Wait, what's a release? (HINT: THEY'RE THE SAME. SORT OF. OMG I SAID SORT OF, CHILL OUT.)
  • Forks and pull requests: COOL STUFF you can do on GitHub/BitBucket (and of course, GitLab!)
  • Feature branches -- yes, they're what they sound like.
  • Cherry picks and Merges and Rebasing -- what's what?? and, differences, benefits/drawbacks, etc.
  • A bit of conflict resolution, detached tags, merged branch cleanup, multiple remotes...
  • We'll go over some "omg what did I do" scenarios (and a few online resources).

THEN, if y'all bring your own pain points, we can talk about them and I'll do my best to help!

  • If not, I'll briefly cover a fairly universal pain point: git + Drupal code contribution.




@todo: Add notes from slide 45 to this session description.

My .gitconfig file, with all my aliases. Note: I didn't flesh it out with explanations yet.

Slides!!!! -- NOTE: ADDED RIGHT AFTER SESSION -- I haven't finished the slides from our "sharing session" we did at the end, but I didn't want to leave y'all without anything for the evening, in case you wanted to check on something while it's fresh in your mind...

SLIDES - temp link - pleeeease see the note directly above this link!!!!!

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