Integrating Pattern Lab with Drupal 8

Presenters: roshanad, kevinmcclos4

Pattern Lab is an incredibly powerful and flexible atomic design system that allows for rapid frontend development, and pairs well with our favorite CMS - Drupal.

Much of the styling in Pattern Lab is a mixed bag of CSS, HTML, and Twig files; Twig being a template engine for the PHP programming language.

Additionally, Pattern Lab provides the ability to use PHP for display page preprocessing, and jQuery for DOM manipulation and event handling.

Our team is using the upgrade from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 as an opportunity to integrate Pattern Lab with our Drupal 8 instance, and enhance our frontend capabilities.

During this session we will go over the case study of how we create components in Pattern Lab, how to utilize them with Drupal 8.

We will cover how we have setup Pattern Lab and our development cycle, and also discuss lessons we’ve learned from our Drupal 8 Pattern Lab experience.

Presentation Itinerary:

- What is Pattern Lab?

- Benefits of using Pattern Lab to build out your frontend

- Logistics of implementing Pattern Lab w/ Drupal 8

- Live demo: Building out a simple content display page (and/or view page) from scratch

- Live demo: Taking advantage of preprocessor hooks

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