Speed Up Drupal deliveries with CICD Pipeline

Presenters: gobinathm

In this session, i will focus on the Jenkins CICD pipeline setup done for D8 project, which can be reused by majority of D8 project with minor tweak. The talk with touch upon

  • Quick Walk-thru of Jenkins Setup
  • Artifacts Building
  • Code Coverage
    • Combined this with some code quality using Sonarqube
    • PHPUnit for Code Coverage
    • Behat
  • QA
    • JMeter for Load Test
    • Screenshots (For Visual Validations)
  • Deployment
  • Post-Deploy Verify
  • Post Build Notifications

This pipeline should help any team to cut the time spend on reviews / deployments while increasing the quality of the output. This should help you improve the release cycles while keeping the quality of deliverables.

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Devops, Performance, Security, and Privacy