Your “Hit by a Bus” list

Presenter: gillick

Session Track: Business & Community

It’s a dangerous world out there -- and if you’re in government, your shop probably hasn’t supplied itself with the redundancy (or a clever deputy) that it will need if you fail to show-up at work for a day, a week, or more. That’s where our “Hit by a Bus” list comes in.

How many people does it take, to keep your mission going? Two? Three? As a side-benefit, providing your boss with a list of the (five?) people it takes to replace you can be a good way to let the boss know yet another way you have value.

Here’s what we’ll talk about: the list, how to craft it, when to set-up & use it. Also, a success story or two.

Quick note: We’re not talking about long-term continuity planning. For that, we would have a Downton Abbey theme. This is for what happens when you go skip-out from work today.

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