12 Tips for Planning Your .edu Drupal Development

Presenters: monicadear


Lullabot works with teams who are moving, or upgrading, to Drupal. We'll discuss who to bring onto the redesign committee, guidelines, goal-setting, the minimum viable product, how to structure your content, categories and taxonomies, success metrics, the RFP, the vendor review, kickoff, the plan for migrations, and how to handle the buildout process from feedback cycles through launch.

Drupal has been increasingly viewed as a flexible, scalable, and secure platform for universities and currently powers websites for Oxford, Harvard, Stanford, MIT, University of Arizona, Penn State, and the University of Toronto. Lullabot has implemented websites for academic and governmental organizations such as Carnegie Mellon University, Evergreen State College, Lehigh University, NYU School of Medicine, Union College, and Georgia.gov.


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