Assemble Power Team! Working together to create a great Drupal site

Presenters: jennycha, thomasr05

Engineers, product owners, and managers. These are the members chosen to create the perfect little Drupal team. But an extra member has been added to the concoction —  a designer! Thus, the Power Team was born. Using their ultra-super talents and skills, they have dedicated their lives fighting bad UI/UX practices and the force of development evil.

Even though the Power Team members work toward the same goal of building a Drupal site, we do not necessarily have the same vision in achieving that goal. We work in high-pressure environments, trying to meet deadlines or client's expectations, which causes us to lose sight of how to best work in tandem. This can lead a project down a path of miscommunication, bloated timelines, redesigns, code refactoring, and unhappy clients.

This session will walk you through the process, from design to production, required in creating a custom Drupal website. Each step of the process, we will be discussing real-world obstacles and the tactics we use in avoiding common pitfalls. Along the way we will teach you how to capture base requirements, develop content structure, improve editors' experience, and more. By the end of this session, you will have a better understanding of each other's roles to help reduce ambiguous requirements and miscommunications that eat up time and effort.

This session is good for:

  • Project Managers - This will help you understand the general workflow in designing and developing a Drupal site to gather the business/functional requirements your team needs and draft the necessary documentation.
  • Drupal Developers - This will help you ask the right questions beforehand to better guide your team to define and develop technical requirements and roadmap. 
  • UI/UX Designers - This will help you understand what questions you need to answer to help developers translate your design into a Drupal site and improve the usability of your content editors.
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