Avoiding Burnout on Larger Projects

Presenters: karolus, bendygirl

Large projects—and their sizable requirements—often can take their toll on the teams building them. Not only can this lead to suboptimal results in the work, but also to decreased productivity and wellness overall, which can linger long afterwards. Sometimes the fallout can even cause practitioners to leave the field altogether. We’ll show you how to deal with this—through effective team support and workload planning.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Strategies for mitigating burnout during project planning
  • What to look out for during the project
  • How to effectively deal with challenges midstream
  • Approaches for applying lessons learned to future projects

This session is geared toward project managers, team leaders, and interested contributors of all backgrounds and skill levels looking to more effectively deal with project stress to ensure team and project success.

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Project and Team Management