Beyond Static: Building a dynamic application with GatsbyJS

Presenters: jmolivas

It is a common idea to think, “static sites” only work for simple sites, like personal blogs. But static sites can do so much more.

In this talk, you will learn how Gatsby takes advantage of React and GraphQL to help you build applications that combine the benefits of static sites with the flexibility and power of server-side-driven sites.

Learning Objectives

  • Why pre-building your site markup important and the benefits this provides.
  • What is the Content Mesh and why is this important.
  • How and why centralize your data with GraphQL and using the same source of truth for the build process and the client side app is important and which benefits provide.
  • How to build a dynamic app using Gatsby and take advantage of our beloved CMS Drupal.
  • How to provide authentication, private/protected content and finally update your user profile and content to Drupal from your Gatsby application.
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