Building Sites from the User’s Perspective via Effective Content

Presenters: karolus

This session has been cancelled due to speaker technical difficulties - we'll see if we can get a recording for posting later on!


Drupal offers many powerful features out of the box—as well as  a world of possibilities via contributed and custom options. While this may be tantalizing from a technological standpoint, it may not be from the user’s perspective. This can lead to decreased user satisfaction—and thus not meeting the objectives of your project. I’ll show you how—through easily actionable techniques—to incorporate the needs of your users through the life of your project process.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Discovery techniques for finding out what your users need, not just what they say
  • Aligning user needs with site objectives
  • Refining these discoveries through iteration—with an eye on user success
  • Applying these learnings to your site building, while allowing for continual improvement

This session is geared toward project owners and collaborators—of all specialties and skill levels—interested in helping their projects better achieve user satisfaction—and overall project success.

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Content Strategy and Analytics