Component-Driven Theming with Storybook


Component-driven theming is gaining popularity in the Drupal and in the greater front-end development worlds. Taking a component based approach offers greater consistency, flexibility, re-usability and velocity for front-end development.

This session explores component-driven theming using the Emulsify Design System. Emulsify combines a starter library of Drupal-ready components with Storybook as well as some other useful tools.

This session is for developers and will walk through building a project using the new Emulsify - from building components in Storybook to connecting them in your Drupal templates.

We will cover building a feature from the foundation of atomic design  all the way to a page layout. We will address common questions and issues that arise during component-driven development as well as show examples of how Storybook and its add-ons can help increase your project stability from accessibility to testing to demos.

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Coding and Development