Content-Centered Approaches to Site Building and Planning

Presenters: karolus

Web projects are often judged on visual organization and appeal—and not the content that serves as the reason for the project’s existence. While a project geared this way may have an ostensibly successful rollout, its ultimate success is largely dependent upon the content—and how your users interact with it. This is a key consideration not only at project completion, but as a continually evolving process during the lifespan of the initiative. To address the challenge, an effective content strategy focusing on user-centric content is vital.

In this session you’ll learn how to:

  • Align your site design to user needs via effective content strategy
  • Use this content strategy to guide usability through the user’s perspective
  • Organizing content into effective and adaptable elements
  • Foster effective content creation and curation 

This session is geared toward project owners, stakeholders, and collaborators of all specialties and skill levels looking at improving project outcomes through user success.

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