Defining the “Critique”: How to Level up your team by creating a culture of feedback

Presenters: ncoumes-f1

Our work doesn’t live in a vacuum, yet many of us may be reluctant or unsure how to begin engaging others with our work. Developers have code reviews, graphic designers have “pin-ups”, but what should feedback cycles look like for today’s design team? How do you start a culture of design dialogue within an organization/team? 

No fear! We got it covered. During this presentation, we’ll discuss the following through two case studies:

  • Define critique best practices and how to apply them at scale.
  • Explore a simple 5-step process for starting your first critique.
  • Sharpen your team’s soft skills: feedback dos and don'ts, setting rules, and creating a code of conduct with your team.
  • How to convince your boss that critiques are worth the investment.

By the end of the session, you’ll have the tools you need to go forth and start your own critique practice. Additionally, we will share Forum One’s critique code of conduct and team resources with attendees so they can share with their own teams.

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