Drupal Hosted on Kubernetes

Presenters: suniltaneja

Run Drupal and other workloads such as SOLR, Elastic, Redis or Memcache in Kubernetes. In-depth analysis of which services are much more suited for Kubernetes.

This session will focus on concepts and real-world use-case scenarios to move your Drupal installation away from traditional Virtual machines to a scalable and cost-effective Kubernetes environment.

  • What are the basic concepts of kubernetes and what makes it so compelling for a multi-workload hosted environment.
  • Does it make sense to host everything in Kubernetes? which are better suited for Kubernetes as opposed to managed services from a cloud provider. Key concepts will be presented to make these decisions.
  • How does it make it easier to manage, deploy and be more secure in a Kubernetes hosted environment. Concepts for Rolling updates, rollbacks and version management will be explained. Tools like Kubectl, HELM and others will be introduced.
  • A complete turnkey solution with all the components will be shown in an existing Kubernetes hosted environment. The solution will show variations needed for installations in Azure, and considerations to all the major Kubernetes providers, such as Google (GKE), Amazon (EKS) or Microsoft (AKS).
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Devops, Performance, Security, and Privacy