Effective Design Communication and Deliverables

Presenters: karolus

Design deliverables can be quite appealing visually—and often help to sell a project to stakeholders—but can fall short as a means of effective communication to the practitioners building the site. This can result in time-consuming back-and-forth between designers, developers and managers, adding unnecessary stress and costs into the project. To add to the mix, a number of available products promise shippable code from visual tools—but this can often fall short. This is where effective design communication comes into play—and I’ll show you how.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:


  • Create an effective dialog between key stakeholders, designers, and the people who will implement the work.
  • Co-develop/design—so that domain silos are breached to allow effective communication and problem-solving between disciplines.
  • Address usability, performance, and practicality of ideas—by leveraging the expertise of all your team members.
  • Create effective design communication that cuts ambiguity, and addresses the needs of designers, developers, managers, and ultimately users.

This session is geared toward designers, developers, and practitioners of all skill levels looking to improve communication and collaboration between disciplines—and deliver project success.

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