It Really Can Be Done: How to Make Data Engaging

Sure, you can collect data at scale, but can you display it on your website in a way that encourages user and admin engagement? Advomatic and Episocal Relief & Development created an asset map that outlines almost all 9,000+ episcopal locations—churches, schools, summer camps, soup kitchens, etc.—around the world that does just that. Users can find up-to-date information they need with variables like hours of operation, languages spoken, and more. Admins can post resources on the fly with just the right amount of oversight and support. 

Take a look here:

In this session, we’ll walk you through a case study that will outline:

  • How to collect and maintain user-generated content within a moderated environment 
  • How to use that data to tell stories
  • How to layer in third party platforms to customize additional maps such as disaster response planning for churches in flood-risk zones or offering insight into donation centers in low income neighborhoods 

You’ll walk away from this session with creative ideas on how you can get more out of your content and data and make your site more useful for all.

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