Let’s Talk about the "A" Word: Tips for Helping Reluctant Teams and Organizations to Embrace Agile

Presenters: mknightjr

While many government agencies have moved to incorporate Agile methods into their web development practices in recent years, there are still just as many who are reluctant to make the shift for a variety of reasons (i.e. from fears and misconceptions about what Agile means and looks like in practice, to a general reluctance to break organizational norms and explore new concepts).  

This session is for all of the curious and courageous project leaders (i.e. PMs, scrum masters, team leads, etc.) who work within “waterfall” organizations, but wish to spark a shift to agile.  

Attendees will come away with practical strategies to introduce their reluctant stakeholders and teammates to agile values, principles, and frameworks; steps to begin applying agile methods to Drupal projects; and tips to help project leaders to continue cultivating their knowledge of agile along the way. 


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Project and Team Management