Putting veterans first in the design of a pilot hospital site on VA.gov, the largest hospital system in the US

Presenters: kevinjosephwalsh, jane

The Veterans Health Administration provides health care to 9 million medical patients, 14 million veterans across through its 1200 facilities, including 150 hospitals and over 1000 community clinics. 

This vast scale represents a challenge for creating content for veterans that is reliable, complete, and consistent across the country. 

This session explores the content strategy, content design, and content operations in the development of VA Pittsburgh Health Care System, which served as the pilot for this veterans experience. 

It will focus particularly on two content problems in the pilot: health services.

We’ll describe our process for auditing and consolidating over 2,500 health service names and descriptions into a “single source of truth” of 90 health services.  We’ll examine the complex governance for these services, which include service descriptions that are national, regional (health system), and local (facility), and how Drupal can serve these content operations at an enterprise scale, including an editorial experience that works for people involved in managing this content

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