The Question Is Moot! Accessibility and Dataviz Is NOT an Either/Or: How to Design Accessible, Usable Data Visualizations

Presenters: klocraft, Tim Shaw

“Regarding accessibility, how do you determine situations in which a data visualization is not feasible?” This question came to us from a client. It reflects a widely held belief: you can't make cool data visualization products AND make them accessible; or if you do create one, all of your audiences won’t be able access them. 

But why choose? Why not both? We are here to tell you that you can communicate with rich data—research results, policy impacts, predicted outcomes—while also effectively serving all audiences. 

In this session we will share:

  • Recommendations  to make visuals that are engaging, effective, and free from common blockers to access;
  • Guidance for alt text, labels, titles, and body text that should accompany your visualization;
  • How to use color well; and
  • Case studies and how to approach both dynamic and static visualizations.

Whether your next project needs a map, chart, graph, or another type of visualization, you will have the information you need to improve your visual impact and ensure your data is clear, meaningful, and accessible to all audiences.

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