Remote Workshop Magic: How to collaborate effectively online and create transformative meeting experiences

Presenters: ncoumes-f1

Zoom fatigue. Awkward silences. Meetings that seem endless and nothing is accomplished. Sound familiar? Collaborating online is hard! Whether you’re remote or in-person, great workshop facilitation makes a session appear effortless, fun, productive, and almost like magic.

In this talk we’ll review the following:

  • Remote-first best practices from an expert-assembled list created by Forum One.
  • Sample activities for different types of remote workshops.
  • Tools and software trouble-shooting techniques that will make your session kick-off without a hitch! 

By the end of this session, you will feel confident embarking on your next workshop. Additionally, participants will receive a workshop-readiness checklist that includes everything you need to do prepare, conduct, and close your workshop. 

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