Presenters: volkswagenchick

Despite our best efforts, it’s difficult to future proof a website for accessibility standards. Your code and design may follow current standards, but will your careful compliance become obsolete when new guidelines are released? What happens when the site is updated or content is entered? What browsers or assistive technology agents do your consumers use? 

We will review a holistic approach for the complete lifecycle of an accessible website —including how to iterate on existing content without impacting the hard work you put in during the build. Much like SEO...your work is never done. It should be considered in the initial build, then maintenance, complete with sprint regression testing, etc 

Attendees will come away from this session with: 

  • How to get started on improving accessibility on an existing site 
  • Tips on what useful combinations of user agents, browsers, devices, etc. to test 
  • A list of free tools that a site owner/content author can use to be sure their website is compliant before and after a build 
  • What WCAG 2.2 guidelines are on the horizon and how they can impact your current website 
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Design, UX, and Accessibility